Train with Jess Be



Meaningful Movement Workshop Training is for yoga and movement teachers of all experience levels. 

Dates: Fall in-person and virtual dates will be announced shortly.

This 4 hour virtual training covers


  • What does trauma-informed mean and how do I make my classes a safe environment? How do I manage triggers? 

  • Fundamentals of inclusive language

  • Making LGBTQ2S+ welcoming spaces

  • Social justice in teaching movement 

  • Different techniques for in-person vs. virtual teaching

Insights and education from lived experience

  • A BIPOC woman perspective

  • What it's like to navigate spaces with invisible + chronic illness and pain

  • Practicing in a larger body

  • Survivor and mental illness

  • Experience teaching in multiple studios and virtually (how to create connection)

  • Yoga program development for Indigenous communities

  • Trauma-informed practices. 

*PDF certificate will be e-mailed after review of submitted work

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dinh DO


Jess Be has a beautiful, bright spirit and you feel that in her classes. She teaches in a way that welcomes people of all levels, genders, ethnicities, abilities, body types, and sexual orientations.


I've had the pleasure of attending Jess' Move + Be Free for BIPOC classes as well as her Meaningful Movement Workshop Training. Her yoga classes allowed me to play around with movement in a way I've never done before.


Her training helped me consider different ways of being inclusive during my BIPOC Community Care and other event facilitations. Jess is an overall amazing teacher to learn from! 


Yoga Teacher & Mentor,

20 Yoga Teachers of Color to Watch in 2020

Jess is an amazing facilitator! She guides yoga in a very precise and skilled way with humor and compassion.


As a facilitator for people of color, Jess is patient and encouraging. I always leave feeling at ease after movement classes with her. I have deep respect and admiration for all that Jess offers and how she does it.


She is everything you'd want in a facilitator when it comes to working with the intersections of yoga and social justice -- knowledgeable, kind, and humble. I trust her and recommend her for both classes and facilitation work in the evolving wellness industry.

indie foolheea

Yoga Teacher

Jess is so warm and compassionate and this is something I see in all her interactions and work.


She thinks of everything in her sessions from the format and how they run, to the language she uses and ensuring everyone feels empowered to share their stories.


She made me think about movement in a different way and how it is so personal to each of us.


Jess is my cheerleader from across the miles and I'm so grateful!

*Photo of Indie by Francis Augusto