Move + Be Free for BIPOC


Move + Be Free is an exclusive space for those who identify as being a part of Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour communities. 

As the collective consciousness becomes more aware of the systems in place that continue to oppress and exploit us, people within the IBPOC communities face more and more adversity every day. Let us gather together in collective understanding the need for taking space to connect back to our bodies, spirits, and communities.


Let us remind ourselves of our sovereignty and power as we make space to feel all the sensations our bodies have to share with us in response to what is happening in our everyday lives. Ignoring what is happening both inside and outside of our bodies is not sustainable and we don't have to do this work alone.


When we commit to holding ourselves compassionately, we are more equipped to do so for those around us. This is an invitation to step into an intentionally curated container for yourself and for your community.

Move + Be


Cultivate a stronger connection with your body and intuition in this beginner-friendly class. 


It is normal for us to have complex relationships with our bodies when we live in a world where our bodies are often politicized. How can we remind ourselves that it is safe to just be? How can we reaffirm to our bodies that it is safe to move just as we are? Through softness and strength, let's gather together to build trust and gratitude to our human vessels for carrying us forward every day.  


Show up as just as you are in this carefully structured class with bigger bodies in mind.


*This class can be done seated in a chair. 


Move + Be Creative Workshop


In this workshop, we start with a movement class, followed by creating art together that focuses on community.


Our finished works will be part of 'The Sketchbook Project', which is the largest collection of artists sketchbooks in the world, housed at the Brooklyn Art Library.


We place supreme hope that one day, we will be able to travel and visit our art in Brooklyn, New York after the pandemic when it's safe.

Check out the video below for where our creations will be housed and how it works:


Uplift Asian Women

FALL 2021. Sign up for the waitlist here


Come together in community with people who just get it.


In this sacred space we will amplify and uplift our voices through sharing our lived experiences, movement, meditation, connecting to our ancestors, and more.


No previous experience necessary.

This space honours Asian and Asian mixed race trans women, femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer, cis women, and non-binary people who are comfortable in spaces that centre the experience of women.

For transparency some of our identities include but aren't limited to light-skinned Southeast Asian cis women, LGBTQ+ affirming, queer, able-bodied, invisible disability, bigger bodies, chronic illness/pain, and survivors.