All Public Classes begin January 15th on Zoom until further notice. Thank you for navigating these often-changing times with me. 


Move + Be Free for BIPOC


Move + Be Free is an exclusive space for those who identify as being a part of Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour communities. 

This class is designed to help you slow down, make space and create opportunities for care. Together we explore movement that stretches, releases and relaxes. Think about this class as your time to nest: gather your comfiest props like pillows, blankets, cozy socks and your favourite soothing beverage. 

Elements of class: 



Slow movements

Self-massage with hands or massage balls (tennis ball or rolled up socks)

Wear comfy clothes, bring favourite scent, roll out your favourite mat or sturdy surface and make our time together one that nourishes you. 

*This class can be completely done seated, lying down or standing

Move + Be 90's jams


We breathe, ground stretch, and move, all at your own pace to 90's hip hop + RnB.

This class is designed to help you enjoy the very best of Monica, Mariah, En Vogue, SWV, 112, Missy, Tamia + more.


Love Boys II Men? We do too.  Have you ever cried to Monica or got ready for a night out playing En Vogue on your cassette tapes? Whether you grew up listening or appreciate this magical moment in music history, our mats are rolled out and ready to move with you.


Singing along optional, but highly encouraged.

Elements of class: 



Slow + optional faster movements


Building strength

Optional props: blocks, blankets

Wear comfy clothes, hydration, find a mat or sturdy surface to practice


Move + Be Creative Workshop


In this workshop, we start with a movement class, followed by creating art together that focuses on community.


No experience necessary. 

Elements of our movement class: 



Slow movements


Our finished artwork will be part of 'The Sketchbook Project', which is the largest collection of artists sketchbooks in the world, housed at the Brooklyn Art Library.


We place supreme hope that one day, we will be able to travel and visit our art in Brooklyn, New York when it's safe.

Check out the video below for where our creations will be housed and how it works:


Uplift Asian Women (2022 DATES COMING SOON)

Jess Be October Newsletter (3).png

In this sacred space we will amplify and uplift our voices through sharing our lived experiences, movement, meditation, connecting to our ancestors, and more. No previous experience necessary. You can participate in any way you feel comfortable.

This space honors Asian and Asian mixed race trans women, femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer, cis women, and non-binary people who are comfortable in spaces that center the experience of women.

For transparency some of our identities include but aren't limited to light-skinned cis women, Chinese, Vietnamese, LGBTQ+ affirming, queer, able-bodied, invisible disability, bigger bodies, Living with chronic illness/pain, and survivors.”

If you are interested in donating to Uplift Asian Women, click on the donate button below. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Your money helps make this type of work possible and allows us to invest in these much-needed spaces.